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Aesthetic Bonding

Aesthetic Bonding is a way to enhance the appearance of the teeth in a cost effective, single visit and reversible manner. The tooth colored bonded resin is applied to the teeth to fill in gaps, irregularities, chips and  cover discolorations.  No anesthetic is neccesary as the resin material is added to the tooth. The material used for Aesthetic Bonding is the same that is used for tooth matching Fillings.  Sometimes, Fillings and Aesthetic Bonding are done at the same time, in which case, local anesthetic may be used. The tooth matching resin material used for Fillings and Bonding is a plastic material. Over time, the plastic material may chip, become dull or stained.  For a longer lasting result, the plastic material can be replace with Porcelain.

veneer1.JPG veneer2.JPG

Before                                                    After

Aesthetic bonded fillings place single visit