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Cavity Elimination Program

Good oral hygiene isn't enough to stop cavities.  Despite proper brushing, flossing and having regular visits to your dentist, you may still get tooth decay. Science shows that tooth decay (cavities) are caused by a bacterial infection known as dental caries.  This infection is driven by an acidic or low pH oral environment.  A bacterial infection on your teeth can be transmitted to others.  Studies show that harmful decay-causing bacteria can be passed within the household. If the bacterial infection remains untreated, progressive stages of tooth decay will result.  Advance decay may require treatments such as crowns, root canal therapy or gum reposition surgery. If left untreated, tooth decay will lead to loss of the tooth.

Dental caries can be controlled by neutralizing the pH of the mouth and elimination of the harmful bacteria.  Visit www.carifree.com to learn more.  Our anti-cavity program involves eliminating the harmful bacteria by removing decay from the teeth and then preventing new decay by neutralizing the pH of the mouth with a high pH, fluoride and calcium rich toothpaste. In addition, fluoride varnishes are applied to the teeth at each recare appointment.