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New Denture Care:

Your beautiful new denture has been hand crafted to look as natural as possible.  The colors of your denture will last if you properly care for them.  TO PROTECT THE COLORS, DO NOT USE BLEACHING PRODUCTS. For cleaning, we recommend using 1:1 white vinegar/water mixture, soaking the dentures for 15 minutes then brush and rinse with warm water. This method cleans the denture while protecting the color tones. This will make hard calculus/tartar deposits soft enough to remove with a brush.  For stubborn stains or build up, leave the dentures over night in the same 1:1 mixture of white vinegar and water over night, then brush and rinse with warm water in the morning.

Immediate Dentures (Dentures placed just after tooth extractions)

The Immediate Denture has been made from a model of your mouth with teeth, therefore it is an approximated fit not an exact fit.  To help the immediate denture fit better while the bone and gums are healing, a "Soft Liner" has been placed.  As the bone and gums heal from the extractions of the teeth, the Immediate Denture will become loose.  It may be necessary to use Denture Adhesive( Polygrip or Fixodent). We've provided you with a sample of denture adhesive. If you need to purchase more, you can find it at a drugstore and some grocery stores. Please call the office for an appointment for a "Soft Liner" if your denture is loose despite using denture adhesive. Several "Soft Liners" will be neccessary until the bone and gum have completely healed.  This healing process may take up to a year.  After complete healing, it will be necessary to do a final " Lab Hard Reline".

Lab Hard Reline

Lab Hard Relining is necessary after the bone and gum have completely healed under an immediate denture OR to help tighten an exisiting denture.  The process of doing a Hard Lab Reline takes approximately 3 days.  The first day an impression material is placed into the denture and sets to a sticky "gel" consistency.  The denture with impression material is worn continuously as it shapes to the contours of the gums.  The denture should only be removed to rinse it. Wet your fingers before touching the denture as the impression material is very sticky . Avoid foods with seeds or hard crumbs that may log into the denture impression "gel".  After the "gel" has conformed to the contours of the gums, the denture is sent to the lab and the "gel" is replaced with a hard pink acrylic that matches the denture.

Long Lasting Soft Liner

For patients with advance bone loss and thin tissue, a long last soft liner will  be necessary to make the denture more comfortable.

You can help make the soft lining last longer by caring for it carefully. Rinse your denture daily in running water before cleaning it with a denture cleanser based on active oxygen (e.g. Blend-a-dent 2-Phase, Corega Tabs or Kukident). This reduces bacterial growth on the soft liner.  Carefully clean your denture with a soft toothbrush. Substances that contain alcohol not suitable for cleaning your dentures as they can have an adverse effect on the permanently soft lining.

Once you have cleaned your denture, rinse your mouth thoroughly and replace the denture in your mouth.  Do not wear your denture while sleeping and place in fresh water when you are not wearing it.

The soft liner may need to be replace every 1 to 2 years as it tends to dry out and get hard and chip over time.