What is Mouth Taping?

Mouth taping is used to help unsure exclusive nasal breathing at night by, you guessed it…. Taping the mouth closed! Open mouth breathing has been linked to disruptive sleep, ADD/ADHD, systemic inflammation, high blood pressure, cavities, gum disease, and other health conditions. Taping the mouth at night encourages deeper, more restful sleep which can benefit mood, concentration, immune system, and overall health and wellness.

Is it Safe?

From a physiological standpoint, humans are intended to breathe exclusively through the nose. Noses are for breathing; mouths are for eating. So, yes, mouth-taping is innately safe. HOWEVER, if there is significant nasal obstruction, mouth-taping is not recommended.

Am I a Candidate for this Treatment?

To test your ability to breathe through your nose, hold water in your mouth for 3 minutes. If you are able to do this with little to no difficulty, your nasal passages are likely clear enough to mouth-tape. If there is any question, we recommend having a consult with an ENT (see list of recommended Specialist on the website).

Options for Mouth-Taping


  • Square shaped, stretchy tape that pulls the lips together but allows for opening if needed
  • Ideal for both children (small tape) and adults (large tape)
  • MyoTape

3M Micropore Tape

  • To be placed across the lips before bedtime
  • Cost effective
  • Should only be used if there is no question about ability to breathe through nose
  • For adults only
  • 3M Micropore Tape
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