Waterpik Additives

Oral Irrigation Options for Enhanced Biofilm Control

Diluted household Chloride bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite), or other products, added to the water in the Waterpik reservoir help control oral biofilm to improve gum health and prevent cavities. Please note that the company that makes your oral irrigator will not honor the warranty if anything other than plain water is used in the machine. We feel the benefit of the additives to your health are worth periodically replacing the parts of the unit or the entire unit should it become necessary. We also feel it’s necessary to keep the Waterpik clean.

Always, floss and/or Waterpik first, use any medicated rinses next, and brush last with any prescribed pastes or gels.

Household Chlorine Bleach

  • With eye dropper, add 6-8 drops of household Chloride bleach into the Waterpik reservoir filled with warm water. Use entire reservoir with Waterpik set to a level 8 to 10 and the tip at a 90 degree to the tooth at the gumline.

Grapefruit Seed Extract (a Natural Alternative)

  • With eye dropper, use 20-30 drops of grapefruit seed extract into the entire 20oz reservoir.

Liquid, Powdered or Granulated Xylitol

Option 1 (Liquid Xylitol Mouthwash)

  • Fill Waterpik reservoir one part xylitol mouthwash to two parts warm water and repeat until entire 20 oz Waterpik is filled

Option 2(dissolving sweetener)

  • Fill Waterpik reservoir with warm water, and dissolved 1 ½ or 2 tsp xylitol sweetener in the water (about ½ xylitol for each 8 ounce of water)

To help the granulated xylitol dissolve faster:

Place the tip of the Waterpik irrigator into the reservoir and turn the unit on for 15 seconds to circulate the water in the reservoir and rapidly dissolve the Xylitol crystals

*Note – Waterpik recommends replacing tip every 3 months

Oral Irrigation (Water Flosser, Waterpik, Hydrofloss, etc.) Instructions

  1. Fill the entire reservoir with lukewarm water
  2. Add any recommended additives for enhanced biofilm control
  3. Always place tip in mouth before turning unit on.
  4. Use the Classic tip:
  • Turn the pressure control dial to the lowest setting for the first-time user
  • Gradually increase pressure over time ideal operating pressure between 8 and 10.
  • Lean over sink and close lips enough to prevent splashing, while still allowing water to flow from mouth into the sink.
  • Turn unit on, and aim the tip just above the gum line at a 90-degree angle.
  • Starting with the back teeth, follow the gum line and pause between teeth for a couple seconds until all areas inside, outside and between the teeth have been cleaned.

Please visit our website at www.lexingtondentalcare.net for informational videos and resources.

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