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Brenda J. Nishimura, DDS is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 13 ratings.

Before anything, for me, excellence is so important with any service I use. I am not easily convinced, so this review comes from the evidence I personally have seen. I am extremely satisfied with my several experiences at Lexington Dental Care. First, the price is very fair, and no more expensive than what normal procedures cost. This is important to consider when looking for a dentist. Dr, Nishimura uses techniques that are not just cutting edge, but very efficient, with really good results (getting a tooth capped is done usually in 1 visit. I cannot tell you how much time this saves me. And the caps fit like a glove) I don't think I have had a more thorough cleaning (Emily) and the dental assistants (Donna) are excellent! Now, for me, what also helped was that even with major teeth problems, I have never felt uneasy. Dr. Nishimura and everybody in her office treats me like a person, and my dignity is respected. That also counts a lot. So, in conclusion, the cutting edge technology Dr. Nishimura uses with great precision, the complete work by all the dental staff, and the attention to detail and to the patient makes this a really good place to get work done. For me, the evidence is there. A great place for anyone who wants to get really excellent work done on their teeth.

Sandra L.

"I am a simple woman with a complicated mouth. Gratefully I found Dr. Nishimura in 1994 and have been seeing her ever since. I did stray once due to a move (40+ miles away), a new baby and working fulltime but it didn’t take long before I found my way back to her. When it comes to your mouth, excellence trumps distance. And excellent she is. Dr. Nishimura is well educated and keeps up with advances, techniques and procedures in her field. She has more certificates and diplomas on her walls than a drive in has speakers. If your to young to understand that analogy then Google it. She is simply exceptional in every way and here’s why; I’ve had some fine dentists in my 58 years. But fine is a funny thing. It’s just that, “fine” until you experience excellence then you surely appreciate the difference. Anyone who has ever had a bad tooth/teeth knows the value of an exceptional doctor of dentistry. So what makes Dr. Nishimura so exceptional? Last year I had a nagging toothache so eventually I went to see Dr. Nishimura. She did her usual and by that I mean conducted an extensive line of questioning before she even peered into my mouth. Following the examination, she didn’t just ask about my mouth, but asked about my ear, my neck and my level of fatigue. She suspected I had shingles, in my mouth, and advised me to see my GP who confirmed the diagnosis. What Dr. Nishimura “saw” was unseen to the naked eye and as my GP described, “barely perceptible “with magnification. Thanks to Dr. Nishimura, it was caught early enough that it could be treated. Here is an example of not only her expertise but also of her humanity. I had a very old (pre Dr. Nishimura) root canal gone wrong. I was in excruciating pain and I’ve endured childbirth, meningitis, tortioned ovaries and I could go on. The endodontist I had seen, although a talented clinician was less than useless when it came to my enduring pain and on Friday no less. Then I called Dr. Nishimura, who provides her cell phone number on the office-outgoing message by the way (yes, really). And she actually either picks up or calls you back. Suffice it to say Dr. Nishimura was responsive to my pain. Within an hour, she had arranged for me to see an oral surgeon who was able to extract the tooth and alleviate my pain (that day!). Trust me, the tooth was shot despite grand efforts to save the old girl. And..Dr. Nishimura called me later that night, and the next day to see how I was feeling! Who does that in this day and age? Who? Dr. Nishimura, that’s who. Kindness. Humanity. Expertise. Most recently her hygienist, Emily, noticed an odd patch in my mouth. Long story short, Dr. Nishimura made arrangements for me to see an oral surgeon (in her office!) who did a biopsy. I was told it would take weeks for the results but thanks to Casey, who stayed on it, I got the results MUCH sooner than expected. All’s swell but boy what if it weren’t and it had gone unseen? Thank you Emily. On the more mundane level of crowns, bonding’s, night guards, and invisiline (sp?) etc., she is a perfectionist and truly her work is pure art. Not surprising then to learn that Dr. Nishimura is a gifted artist and musician in her “real” life. If this whole dentistry thing hadn’t worked out I am confident I would have seen her work in galleries. She is just that good and one world so clearly blends into her other. Well I could go on but its time to floss. And so, if you are shopping for a dentist. Stop right here; you have just hit the jackpot."

Helen McDonald

"I wanted to share my and my Dad’s experience with all of you as it demonstrates that what Dr. Nishimura teaches and promotes very literally improves and saves lives every single day. My Dad and I were referred by Dr. Nishimura to Dr. Catalano, ENT to evaluate our nasal breathing issues that neither of us knew we had, and Dr. Nishimura discovered at the time of comprehensive examination. My Dad is 78 years old, has been a long distance runner most of his life, is extremely healthy taking no medications, always had perfect blood pressure, no high cholesterol. He was never a smoker, non-drinker, eats very healthy and exercises every single day. Seemingly a picture of perfect health... until 18 months ago when he had a very unexpected heart attack and it required an immediate and urgent a triple bypass surgical procedure. While in the hospital they evaluated his carotid arteries in his neck and discovered a left side 100% blockage and 75% blockage in the right side. It was determined that he is at an extreme risk of stroke. My Mom works at Cape Cod hospital and my Dad has very comprehensive health insurance, never missing any of his medical check-ups or preventive testing appointments recommended by his Primary Care Physician. While my Dad was in Cardiac ICU after his bypass, we were notified that his O2 kept dropping, setting off the alarms almost constantly while he was sleeping. The team thought that it may be the strong meds and anesthesia, however they suggested that he get a sleep study. Once again, since my mother had great contacts through the hospital, he was referred to the best. He ended up having 3 sleep studies done. He was informed that the results were he did have OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) and there ultimately was no treatment suggested by any of the doctors thus he did not qualify for a CPAP (none of us were told why). We did not look into this any further because although his entire medical team was concerned about the OCS, they stated over and over that there was no treatment he could do. Additionally, my Dad has is O2 checked at all Drs appts and he checks daily at home and it is 96-98% daily during the day. He always feels very well rested. 18 months post heart attack, as we are sitting having a consultation with Dr. Peter Catalano, my Dad was told how severe his OCS and nasal breathing is... for the very first time. Dr. Catalano reviewed his CBCT of his nasal passages and read his sleep reports. He stated that an O2 of 90% or under will set an alarm at the hospital. Someone is in real danger if below 70%. At 60% we start to turn blue. My Dad's O2 went down to 57%. Dr. Catalano said he has never in his entire career ever seen a number that low and most likely he is literally turning blue in the middle of the night. This is being caused by my Dad's genetic condition of fairly severe nasal blockages forcing him to breath through his mouth exclusively while he sleeps. We were informed he was born with this condition. His airway would get blocked laying down due to less muscle tone in his throat as we age. He further explained that the reason he did not qualify for a CPAP was because his airway and nasal passages were so blocked off, the amount of pressure required to force air through the CPAP into his lungs while he sleeping was at 17%. Dr. Catalano stated that that is the equivalent of driving on the highway and sticking your head out the window trying to breath. This was why the CPAP was an impossible treatment... but why no treatment at all??????? Because the sleep doctors, my Dad's cardiologist (who is the Chief at Brigham and Women's in Boston), his vascular surgeon and his PCP simply DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO (Dr. Catalano informed us). Many doctors don’t have this knowledge and understanding about nasal breathing issues related to sleep apnea. Dr. Catalano was the answer. Dr. Catalano is going to schedule nasal MIST surgery hopefully as soon as possible and he informed my Dad, Mom and myself that this very literally will save his life. He said the reason that he has cardiovascular disease and had the heart attack was because when we stop breathing at night, our adrenaline gives us a strong boost. This adrenaline constricts blood vessels and arteries. This would happen to my Dad 70 times per hour every single night for many years - and it was 100% undiagnosed.. Simply put, his heart, arteries and vessels could no longer take the pressure. Without this minor surgery, Dr. Catalano said he would have died by heart attack in his sleep at any time (something else we were never informed of). I was evaluated the same day as my Dad and I have a genetically similar nasal issue, so i will be having the MIST the same day as my Dad. My two children, my Dad's brothers and sisters, and my cousins will all be informed of this potential life-threatening condition and hopefully evaluated by Dr. Catalano. Dr. Nishimura, I thank you for all that you do, for your dedication to this field and to your patients, and for teaching us all that you have. You have saved my and my family's lives."

Dona Roberts, RDH

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